Beware from fake physic Pasqualina Personal Horoscope

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Physic and horoscope is the new another way of ripping you off.

Your Free Personal Horoscope by Pasqualina is a trap !

I’ve been subscribing for a year now with free physic reading , at the beginning you may believe that it’s an actual reading written special for you , but unfortunately for the site owners , the system doesn’t have enough fake readings!

After a while , Pasqualina will have no more new mails for u , she will resend the old ones  with new dates on them. Here is how the system work , you sign up for free readings , the system starts sending you preloaded reading( the same ones to everyone) ,  and keeps asking you to subscribe saying that this offer is made specially for you !

However this is only a way to rip off your cash . Pasqualina is not the only website doing this scam , many other websites are doing the same thing , promising you unbelievable rewards just to rip off your money . Just be sure that if someone knows how to make millions  , he wouldn’t teach it to anyone .

If you encounter other scams please mail us on .