Iphone is expected to pull all the subscribers from Blackberry

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Iphone is expected to pull all the BlackBerry service subscribers from RIM.

Even though BlackBerry doesn’t have as much applications and games as iPhone, blackberry was able to keep competing with iphone  thanks to its messaging service. Although this service is expensive , blackberry was able to retain a big number of subscribers.

However BlackBerry is expected to lose its subscribers because of the new iPhone iOS, iOS 5,which have  a new messaging application similar to bbm called ” iMessage ” , iMessage allows iPhone holders to send unlimited free text,photo,audio and video messages. iMessage is a built in application , that works over wifi or regular mobile data plan.

The effects of ” iMessage” on BlackBerry are going to be heavy , the prices of BlackBerry devices will fall as Blackberry users give up the “expensive service” and move  to the free alternative iMessage.