Lady Gaga banned in Lebanon

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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way  Album is  banned in Lebanon according to Lebanese official have impounded copies of the album ,after that the recent single Judas has been criticized by Catholic groups for being “offensive to Christianity”.

Lebanon’s office of general security impounded boxes of Born This Way as they arrived at Beirut international airport last week, according to the LA Times. Though officials first claimed to be “deciding what to do” with the albums, there are now reports of a ruling based on article 75 of Lebanon’s law for distribution of print media: “Distributors are prohibited from circulating media that diverges from public decency and morality, or is at odds with nationalistic or religious beliefs.”

Any government ban of the song would apparently have to be requested by Lebanon’s Catholic Information Centre. “If they are going to offend us we are going to cancel the album,” explained Father Abdo Abu Kassm, director of the centre. “We will not accept that anyone insult the Virgin Mary or Jesus or Christianity … Call us traditional, call us backward, call us whatever you want. We will not accept it.” (


What do you think about Gaga’s song ?? Do you  think that other countries should also ban the album ??